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COVID-19 Physical Activity and Good Nutrition Response

Check back daily for new content as we strive to meet our mission of promoting physical activity and good nutrition for every generation living in the Greater Wichita area.

All content shared on this website is also posted on the Health & Wellness Coalition Facebook page.

Resources to help you be physically active in Wichita

  1. Bike Walk Wichita encourages you to explore local parks. Featured park include: Linwood Park, the Redbud Trail, and Meadows Park
  2. Activity Calendar with 30 spring activities for families with young children from Child Start.
  3. City of Wichita Park & Recreation’s interactive park map.
  4. Wichita mural tour from the Douglas Design District.
  5. Updated City of Wichita bike maps.
  6. Ready to explore the city of Wichita? Well grab your bike or walking shoes! The Bike Walk Wichita app is a curated collection of self-guided walks (more bike routes will be added soon). Routes can be filtered for features such as: parks, bathrooms, and pet friendliness. Download the FREE app on your cell phone and easily navigate to your starting point with a handy Google Maps integration. Get to know your city! All routes feature points-of-interest with pictures and information for you to enjoy as you explore. From public art tours to the pub circuit, get ready to scope your city in a way that isn’t possible from a car! Download from the Google Play Store or iTunes
  7. Review the benefits of biking and walking with Bike Walk Wichita’s podcast.

Resources to help you eat healthy and local

  1. MG Honor Farms members get great tasting, fresh veggies! You cannot buy food like this at a store! Learn from a 10 year veteran of growing nutrient dense, chemical free vegetables and herbs. Every week take home fresh produce with unmatched flavor. In the early and late months of the season, enjoy the tropical, sunny climate of the 5,000 square foot of greenhouse space. Bring gardening gloves but they will provide all the rest of the tools and know-how.
  2. Ways to Source Local Food during COVID-19 list of CSA’s, Farmers Markets and tips to grow your own food from K-State Research & Extension Sedgwick County.
  3. Free lunches for Wichita students.
  4. Funky Fresh Farmers Market being launched as an online farmers market by WAVE & local farmers / producers.
  5. Buy direct from local growers the Old Town Farm and Art Market.
  6. Plan your meals before shopping during quarantine according to K-State Research & Extension.
  7. Additional tips from K-State Research & Extension. K-State Research and Extension specialists are subject matter experts in numerous aspects of life that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide unbiased, fact-based help in these subjects free of charge for the benefit of everyone in Kansas and the rest of the world. **See 2nd link, Family Resources.
  8. For Fun – Wichita by EB’s The Hunger Games: a Wichita Restaurant Tournament Bracket. Be sure to look for the healthy options!

Online resources for physical activity

  1. YMCA 360 – exercise classes on demand.
  2. Get outside, while being physically active, and organizing your garage with these tips.
  3. Stuck in the house? Feel like a kid again and actively bend and squat inside your fort.
  4. It’s spring! Spring cleaning is a great way to be physically active.
  5. Wonderful resources from our partners at the American Heart Association – Kansas: create an in-home circuit room, tips for the whole family to move more, use this time to set fitness goals, reasons to take a walk

Online resources for healthy eating

  1. Budget friendly recipes use up food in your kitchen.

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