HWC - Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita

The Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita (HWC) promotes people, programs and policies in the community to help ensure sustainable community changes that advocate healthy living. HWC fosters long term partnerships among public health, private business, municipal government, community advocates, planners, developers, schools and neighborhoods.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen, right? Good eating habits are easier to stick to when healthy options are within reach - so we're challenging you to Flip Your Fridge this October! It's time you saw your fridge in a new light. Here's how to get started!

 Win a gift card for groceries; take the Flip Your Fridge challenge!
 5 Tips to Flip Your Fridge
 Example of a 'Flipped Fridge'
 10 Easy Meal Ideas - no recipe required
 A Plan for Healthy Snacks

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